Revamping the Internet with Regulations, User Training and Better Applications Development Practices

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Unlike in prior centuries where services were manually delivered, most services in the 21st century are electronic. This disposition creates massive potential for the internet to positively uplift the society. However, this promise can only be achieved if the internet is revamped based on societal exigencies. For instance, an internet that is free from online vices would ensure that there is digital inclusivity for all. Such an internet would create room for learning and innovation culminating to improved literacy levels even in marginalized areas. Moreover, people would be able to communicate, learn and trade through various internet platforms without fear of attack or reprisal. Since the internet is officially the most convenient, formal and highly acceptable mode of communication. It is the only platform that can lead to a utopia society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for societies.

There is limited education on security and privacy strategies that the society can embrace when using the internet. Moreover, a handful of companies that control the internet have in the past capitalized on internet user’s ignorance and collected massive personal data without owner’s consent. To prevent these kinds of breaches on privacy from happening again in the future, we must: 1) Start advocacy efforts with governments towards enforcement of data security and privacy laws that regulate security and privacy of personal data 2) Start promoting secure data communication, storage and documentation strategies 3) focus on mentoring both upcoming and experienced developers – on the best practices and approaches to use while developing secure applications.