Open Source

Open Source Development

The future of computing depends on both technical and ethical excellence. Our work does not only focus on delivering a product but also on ensuring that the platforms deliver ethical outputs and are used for public good. We always strive to involve an extensive team in the software engineering process for best results. Our approach of adopting agile project management principles ensures that there is continuous delivery and collaboration between diverse and ethical project teams.

Throughout the lifestyle of our projects, We anticipate that, even the simplest computer systems have the potential to impact all aspects of society when integrated with everyday activities such as commerce, travel, government, healthcare, and education.

When organizations and groups develop systems that become an important part of the infrastructure of society, their leaders have an added responsibility to be good stewards of these systems. Part of that stewardship requires establishing policies for fair system access, including for those who may have been excluded. That stewardship also requires that computing professionals monitor the level of integration of their systems into the infrastructure of society. As the level of adoption changes, the ethical responsibilities of the organization or group are likely to change as well. Continual monitoring of how society is using a system will allow the organization or group to remain consistent with their ethical obligations.

When appropriate standards of care do not exist, computing professionals have a duty to ensure they are developed.