Distribution Ledger Technology: The new normal in the management of data security and Privacy

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NoSQL Databases have been the preferred databases for Big Data management in the past five years. However, their security continues to be a major concern when they are used for cloud based applications. With massive data expected to continue streaming from IoT devices, NoSQL Databases may not survive in the future unless the security concerns associated with them are addressed. Distributed Ledger Technology is applauded by many as the future repository of Internet. DLT provides unparalleled opportunities in data security and privacy management.The most notable technology in this category is blockchain. Ethereum and Hyperledger are applications of the technology in the creation of a data sharing economy. IOTA Tangle is more newer DLT implementation that uses Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG). IOTA is described as blockchain without block and chains and applauded as the future of Internet of Things

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