Ethics in Computer Science

Promoting Ethics in Computer Science

Solutions Bridge advocates for fundamental ethical principles to be embraced by computing professionals. We appreciate that a Code of ethics is not an algorithm for solving ethical problems; rather it serves as a basis for ethical decision-making.

When thinking through a particular issue, a computing professional may find that multiple principles should be taken into account, and that different principles will have different relevance to the issue. Questions related to these kinds of issues can best be answered by thoughtful consideration of the fundamental ethical principles, understanding that the public good is the paramount consideration.

The entire computing profession benefits when the ethical decision-making process is accountable to and transparent to all stakeholders. Open discussions about ethical issues promote this accountability and transparency.

Ethical Data Science

Most traditional surveys rely on data obtained from a sample of the population (n) while most modern data analysis techniques are developed with the notion that; analyzing the whole population would help achieve more accurate results.
Furthermore, while conventional data analysis tools have pre-identified factors to look for, modern data science also allows for identification of unanticipated patterns in data.

The ability of computers to make decisions based on past trends using various branches of Artificial Intelligence sometimes leads to bias.

Additionally, confidential data may be exposed without the knowledge of the AI systems developer or the owners. Although a thorough systems analysis and design process that embraces modern project management practices may address some of these challenges, the large scale nature of data used or training AI systems makes this impractical. .

Solutions Bridge works with data scientists and AI engineers working on open source projects for development of better systems while using EU GDPR and ACM code of ethics and Professional conduct as benchmarks.