Research and Development


One of our objectives is to undertake research on new and emerging areas in computer science and publicize it widely through blogs, open access journals and partners websites.

People—including users, customers, colleagues, and others affected directly or indirectly—should always be the central concern in computing. The public good is always an explicit consideration when evaluating tasks associated with our research, requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing, validation, deployment, maintenance, retirement, and disposal. We keep this focus no matter which methodologies or techniques we use in practice.

We aim at providing solutions to social problems using well researched strategies in new and emerging technologies in computer science. We continuously grow our network by targeting like minded professionals.

Membership Platform

SBI targets professionals with an interest in research in variety of areas. To become a member, you must successfully write and present an article in an IEEE conference and get it published. Your article must focus on one of the following areas:

1) Distributed Ledger Technologies (IOTA, Blockchain or Ethereum among others)
2) Cloud Security including security of NOSQL Databases
3) Improving Artificial Intelligence systems by eliminating or detecting bias
4) Security and Privacy Issues in Internet of Things
5) Differential privacy and application
6) JavaScript web development frameworks. Evaluating the security of web development frameworks such as VueJs and ReactJs.
7) Towards GDPR compliant Systems
8) Data Protection Policies and Regulations
9) Open Source Cloud Databases
10) Developing secure mobile applications with native JavaScript.

A list of upcoming IEEE conferences can be found here. Click to View